Truss & 4-Link Tab Kit for 9″ Axles

Truss & 4-Link Tab Kit for 9″ Axles

Truss & 4-Link Tab Kit for 9″ Axles

This kit has been redesigned for improved straight and easier assembly. 2 kits Available for offset housings with equal length axles or centered housings. Some fitting required to the truss.
63.5″ to W.M.S (housing centered) stock Ford 9″
66″ or 69″ to W.M.S (housing off set) stock Ford 9″

-To fit the truss plates to the axle. There is a lot of fitting to get the truss on a housing.

-Preload the axle before welding by attaching a long chain at each end and putting a bottle jack inside the third member opening. Pump the bottle jack so that the chain is tight and toe in the axle 1/4 inch. You can measure this by running a straight edge (the length of the axle) across the axle face, this will give you a guide line for how much is being toed in (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

-To mount the crown piece that will wrap over the upper link tabs. Tack it into place making sure that a die grinder will fit to the tracks so that it can be removed for more fitting later. Be sure to cover the weld that goes around the back of the housing.

-To set up the upper link tabs, bolt together the 5/8 spacers with the upper link tabs making sure that the hardware can come out of them before you tack weld them into place. Center both setups to the top of the housing and tack into place.

-While the back crown piece is still in place, use a soft hammer to beat the crown around the upper link tabs. Beating it will make a distinct mark around the edges where the material is wider and will need to be trimmed.

-Remove the crown piece and trim it with a die grinder.

-To set up the lower link tabs, measure from the end of the housing flange end 5 1/2″, and draw a line around the axle. Take the lower link tabs and the 3/4 spacers, bolt them together, and center them between the line you just drew. Tack weld this setup to the very bottom of the housing. This can be rotated forward to accommodate the lower link arm and the upper link arm lengths, in relation to the frame pivots. This way you can set the proper pinion angle off of the axle.

-When fitting the gusset to the lower link tabs, be sure to keep in mind clearing the gusset for proper heim movement.