Overland Protocol is a new company founded in 2017 but has a long history behind it. Starting out as third generation mechanics our Lead Fabricator and Designer moved on to the off-road scene working for some of the biggest names in desert racing.  Below is a list of their accomplishments while at those companies:
Production, QC, R&D, race construction and race team @ cstperformancesuspension.com
Installation, Custom fab @ socalsupertrucks.com
Production, R&D, installation, custom fab and race construction @ socalutv.com
Production, Machinist, race construction and race team @ drakart.com
CNC plasma operator, custom fab, installation and production @ artecindustries.com
Production, Custom fab, R&D and installation @ vividracing.com, and agencypower.com
And most recently as, CNC mill/CNC plasma table programming and operator, Production, Custom Fab, Machine shop Manager and Production Lead/R&D/Designer for the water jet division of bayweldboats.com
After a long five-year break from the suspension and performance industry we’re back, teamed up with our old cohorts and some new ones to bring those lower 48 prices and experience to the last frontier.  Our shop in Homer can fabricate or machine any custom part you can dream up.