Toyota 4.0 Motor Mount Gusset Kit

Toyota 4.0 Motor Mount Gusset Kit

The Solo Motorsports 8-piece weld it yourself (W-I-Y) Toyota 4.0 Motor Mount Gusset Kit is cut from 10-gauge steel plate and captures the inner frame section where the factory motor mounts are welded. The kit includes large plates that are bent and welded onto the face of the motor mount also capturing the underside of the frame. Two side plates are welded in front and behind the inner frame surrounding the motor mount. A notched triangle gusset is welded onto the rear part of the motor mount adding additional strength and “clearanced” for the steering shaft.

Gusseting the Toyota 4.0 Motor Mounts is necessary for serious offroaders to prevent failure as shown in the picture above.


  • 8-Piece W-I-Y Motor Mount Gusset Kit


  • 2005-2015 Tacoma 4WD
  • 2003+ 4Runner 4WD
  • 2005+ FJ Cruiser 4WD


  • Toyota W-I-Y 4.0 Motor Mount Gusset Kit $145
Toyota 4Runner 2003-2015
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007-2014
Toyota Tacoma 2005-2017


  • The driver’s side motor mount has tight access and the front differential and the lower steering rack shaft should be removed for proper access for fitment, and welding.