Soft Vinyl Top for Wildcat Trail/Sport

Soft Vinyl Top for Wildcat Trail/Sport

Made of marine grade vinyl, this Wildcat Trail/Sport soft top keeps you protected from the sun, rain and snow.

Choose your center stripe color. Sides are black vinyl.

Custom built and shipped in about 2 weeks.

The PRP Soft Tops will keep you dry and out of the sun. Cleans easily and installs without bolts or screws in virtually minutes with self adhesive velcro attachment.

DIMENSIONS 15 x 12 x 12 in




201-Daytona Black Vinyl, 202-Daytona Dark Gray Vinyl, 203-Daytona Light Gray Vinyl, 204-Daytona Red Vinyl, 205-Daytona Yellow Vinyl, 206-Daytona Blue Vinyl, 207-Daytona Orange Vinyl, 209-Polaris Lime Squeeze Vinyl, 210-Carbon Fiber Black Vinyl, 212-Carbon Fiber Silver Vinyl, 213-Carbon Fiber White Vinyl, 214-Carbon Fiber Red Vinyl, 216-Edge Orange Vinyl, 217-Edge Black Vinyl, 218-Edge Red Vinyl, 219-Edge Blue Vinyl, 220-PVL Tan Vinyl, 222-PVL Beige Vinyl, 223-PVL Black Vinyl, 224-PVL Medium Gray Vinyl, 226-PVL Light Gray Vinyl, 227-PVL White Vinyl, 233-Black Ostrich Vinyl, 234-Light Gray Ostrich Vinyl, 235-Tan Ostrich Vinyl, 237-Havasu Red Vinyl, 50-Black Tweed, C-Navy Vinyl, H-Yellow Vinyl, I-Blue Ribbon Vinyl, K-Emerald Green Vinyl, M-Purple Vinyl, O-Mandarin Orange Vinyl, R-Rosalee Pink Vinyl, T-Sky Blue Vinyl, V-Polaris Voodoo Blue Vinyl, W-Kawi Green Vinyl