RockJock Pro Edition 4-Inch JL Suspension Lift (4-Door)

RockJock Pro Edition 4-Inch JL Suspension Lift (4-Door)

RockJock Pro Edition 4-Inch JL Suspension Lift (4-Door)

SKU: CE-9818JCE 

Complete RockJock Pro Edition suspension lift for JL Wrangler Sport/Sahara/Rubicon (w/o shocks)

Kit Includes:

  • 4-Inch Lift Dual-Rate Front And Rear Springs
  • Urethane Front Coil Spring Isolators
  • 8 Johnny Joint ® Control Arms
  • Johnny Joint ® Front And Rear Trac Bars
  • Front and Rear Antirock Sway Bar Kits
  • Front And Rear Bump Stops
  • All Required Hardware


The RockJock® Pro Edition suspension lift for the Jeep JL Wrangler delivers a smooth, comfortable on-road ride with the ultimate in off-road capability. RockJock® Suspension Systems feature high-quality, durable components that set them apart from the competition – all in a complete, direct bolt-on kit

The RockJock® Pro Edition includes the full complement of our suspension components offered for the JL. With the Pro Edition installed, your JL will be ready to take on the most extreme terrain with confidence

Premium shock packages from Fox and King are offered as options so that you can select the shock brand and performance level that matches your driving style. We always recommend adjustable shocks, as they allow the ride to be tuned to match the terrain and driver’s preference



RockJock Pro Edition Features

Antirock® Sway Bars - The most popular off-road sway bar, enhances off-road driving capabilities with balanced performance of front and rear suspension in rugged off-road conditions. Off-road traction is improved with increased suspension flex and by equalizing and distributing the weight of the vehicle over all four tires - without the overly loose feeling created by sway bar disconnects

RockJock-Spec Dual-Rate Springs - Feature a soft initial rate that absorbs small bumps and trail chop, to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride, while a firmer secondary rate helps soak up larger impacts and reduce bottoming. A key differentiator of RockJock-Spec dual-rate spring is the positioning of the crossover point between the initial and secondary spring rates so that a portion of the softer initial rate is available and active at ride height before crossing over to the firmer secondary rate deeper into the travel

Johnny Joint® Control Arms – Heavy-duty upper and lower control arms feature RockJock Johnny Joints, the original and most durable high-articulation urethane suspension joint on the market. Johnny Joints feature a smooth steel ball that pivots inside a proprietary urethane shell to provide over 30 degrees (per joint) of quiet, shock dampening articulation - without the excessive deflection found in soft rubber-based “flex joints”. Johnny Joints are so trusted, that they are used by multiple commercial suspension companies, for both street and off-road suspension systems Learn More Here

Johnny Joint Trac Bars - Heavy-duty adjustable length chromoly track bars combine a precise fit with increased strength, and adjustable length to perfectly center front and rear axles under the vehicle. High-articulation Johnny Joint ends provide maximum durability and suspension flex



Pro Edition Components
Everything required to lift your JL - Don't forget to add shocks!

 Front and Rear Antirock Sway Bars   Antirock Sway Bars - Replacing the stiff stock front and rear sway bars with the more compliant Antirock off-road sway bars improves suspension flex, increases traction and stability over obstacles while eliminating the need to deal with sway bar disconnects
JL Dual Rate Springs   RockJock-Spec Dual-Rate Springs - Feature a tunned crossover point with a soft initial rate for a smooth ride with a firmer secondary rate to soak up larger bumps and reduce bottoming
Control Arm Set   Johnny Joint Upper And  Lower Arms - Feature high-articulation Johnny Joints at both ends, for maximum suspension flex and durability. Adjustable length allows for fine-tuning of caster and pinion angles. Johnny Joints are the original and most trusted suspension joint on the market
JL Track Bars   Johnny Joint Front And Rear Trac Bars – Adjustable-length chromoly track bar with high-articulation Johnny Joints, enables maximum suspension flex, centers the front and rear axles under the vehicle, and in the front maintains proper geometry with the drag link to eliminate bump steer
Bump Stops   Bump Stop Spacers - Front and rear aluminum bump stop extensions stand up to hard use while keeping the tires off the shiny new JL fenders



Optional Components

Shock Options   Shock Package - Select from a range of performance shocks with race-proven technology from Fox and King to meet your requirements



Lift Details

Due to the differences in factory ride height of Wrangler JL models, the RockJock Pro Suspension System will provide the following lift amounts


  •  4 inches of suspension lift


  •  2.5 inches of suspension lift



Tire Fitment


  • 35-inch - no inner fender modification necessary
  • 37-inch or larger – aftermarket high clearance fenders suggested/required


  • 37-inch tires - no inner fender modification necessary
  • 38-inch or larger- aftermarket high clearance fenders suggested/required

Wheel Backspace

  • 4.5-inch wheel backspace is recommended for all tire sizes