RIGd TrailStraps

RIGd TrailStraps


New from RIGd Supply, the MAXTRAX TrailStraps are designed to quickly mount and dismount your MAXTRAX. Use them when you’re on the trail, and quickly disconnect them when your rig is parked at home.

  • Made in the USA
  • Features premium grade nylon webbing and nylon-enclosed elastic side straps to provide maximum tension and security of your MAXTRAX, even during the most aggressive off-road scenarios.
  • Fast access to your MAXTRAX when you need them
  • Side straps add extra stability and security off-road
  • Horizontal mounting offers unobstructed view out the back window
  • Ultra-lightweight and east to store when off of the vehicle
  • Premium grade Duraflex® buckles
  • Includes limited edition RIGd velcro patch
  • Proudly Made in USA
  • Fits 31″-37″ tires
  • Made for the RIGd UltraSwing, but will work on any other spare tire carrier
  • For use with MAXTRAX only


The RIGd TrailStraps are the perfect solution for quickly mounting up your MAXTRAX when you’re on a trip, and quickly storing when you’re at home. Deploying your MAXTAX for use on the trial is as easy as one click of the quick release Duraflex® buckle. Made in the USA from premium grade nylon webbing and nylon-enclosed elastic side straps that provide maximum tension and security of your MAXTRAX when out on the trail. TrailStraps will fit 31″ to 37″ tires and are made for the RIGd UltraSwing, but will work with any other spare tire carrier. MAXTRAX can only mount horizontally, for maximum visibility out of the rear window. For a vertical mounting solution, click here.

Due to it’s quick-release nature, TrailStraps are recommended for on-trail use only, and should not be left unattended without a lock (we recommend running a cable lock through the handle of the MAXTRAX and the spare tire).