Currie 9″ Semi- or Full-Floater Rear Ends

Currie 9″ Semi- or Full-Floater Rear Ends

Solo Motorsports is proud to offer complete Bronco and Toyota prerunners and full race Currie 9″ rear ends.  Currie 35-spline semi-floater rear end with JK disc brake set for the chase or trail Bronco and Toyota owners to the 40-spline full-floater rear end with the Wilwood brake package for the hardcore Ford and Toyota owners with heavy right foots and “Big Boy” horsepower.  Currie 9″ rear ends are 3 1/2″ fabricated housing with rear linear truss with bolt-on 3rd member skid plates.
For Cut N’ Turned Broncos up front that have a 65″ wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface on a stock width Bronco or 71″ WMS to WMS on our 3″ or 4 1/2″ front Bronco long-travel beams, this should be the last rear end you will need for your Ford Bronco.  All 3rd members come professionally assembled with 9+ Nodular Iron case, big pinion bearing, Detroit Locker or spool, and your choice of gears — usually 4:56 for 35″ tires or 4:88 an up gears for the Broncos and Toyotas rolling on 37″ tires.
Also, don’t forget to order your VSS or vehicle speed sensor relocation kit for the Bronco E4OD paired with the BW1356 transfer case, so the transmission will shift properly and the speedometer will work.  -3AN 3/16″ hard and soft line housing plumbing available for an additional fee.

Please Call for any questions regarding all your Currie 9″ axle options.


  • Bronco (recommended widths)
    • Cut N’ Turned front suspension 65″ WMS to WMS
    • 3″ Over per side front suspension 65″- 68″ WMS to WMS
    • 4 1/2″ Over per side front suspension 71″ WMS to WMS (full floater only and bedsides required)
  • F150
  • Ranger/Explorer
  • Toyota


  • Choice of 35-spline semi-floater or 40-spline full floater
  • 35-spline semi-floater includes the Jeep JK disc brake set up with parking brake feature (custom control cables required to retain parking brake functionality)
  • 35-spline semi-floater includes 1/2″, 12mm, or 5/8″ wheel studs
  • 40-spline full-floater includes the Wilwood disc brake set up
  • 3rd member include 9+ Nodular Iron case, gears, spool or Detroit Locker, all new bearings
  • 3 1/2″ fabricated DOM housing with linear housing truss, 3rd member skid plate, Anodized large inspection/fill plug, housing drain plug, brake caliper tabs welded
  • 1350 Yoke with big bearings and pinion support
  • Set 80 big bearings at each end of the semi-floaters housing
  • Currie full-floater 7075 hub package, 4140 2 1/2″ snouts and bearings, 4340 drive plates, rotor adapters, 5/8″ ARP wheel studs, 12.19″ Wilwood rotors, adapters,4-piston Wilwood Superlite calipers
  • -3AN 3/16″ hard line, soft line jumpers, fittings, and tabs available for installation or do-it-yourself with the correct flaring tool


  • 35-spline trussed semi-floater axle with Detroit Locker and JK disc brake package $5737
  • 40-spline trussed full-floater axle with Spool and Wilwood disc brake package $6931
  • Please submit quote for other options or to purchase with your choice.

*Housing plumbing shown in pictures but not included in price.  Available for a minimal fee.

*Bronco/F150 vehicles with factory drive shafts require 1330 to 1350 U-joint adapter for a minimal fee.

*The factory VSS can be relocated if needed. See VSS Relocation Kit.

*Toyota vehicles require drive shaft tube and U-joint work at differential end of drive shaft to mate to 1350 U-joint for a minimal fee.