BORG Smart Light Controller

BORG Smart Light Controller

BORG Smart Light Controller

About The Borg

Vision X is constantly leading the LED Lighting industry by taking the “next-step” in technology and products. The Borg is just that. A simple adaption for any Vision X Light that is equipped with Prime Drive Technology can be transformed from a simple on/off product, to an experience in itself.

Everything from strobing intervals to light intensity can be controlled by your smartphone via bluetooth connection. Additionally, you’ll have the power to see valuable data relayed from your LED Light such as humidity, temperature, voltage, RSSI, and elevation. Even further, you can track your g-force level and acceleration with only a few taps.

Unlock the full potential of your Vision X LED by equipping it with Borg!


Connecting The Borg

The Borg is sold as an accessory for Vision X LED Lights that are equipped with our exclusive Prime Drive Technology. Simply attach the Borg to the same power source as the LED Light and then connect the output wire to the Prime Drive wire on the back of the fixture.
We’ve also created a special 26 inch Xmitter Prime Xtreme (36 LED) Light Bar with the Borg pre-installed in the center of the bar. Simply connect the bar to a power source and the Borg will become operational. Enjoy the powerful output of the Xmitter Prime Xtreme series while also having access to Borg features in the palm of your hand. Item #: XIL-PXB36M – Part #: 9893266


Examples Applications

The Borg is the perfect accessory for both Industrial and Automotive/Offroad applications. With so many additional features and information unlocked in the app, there’s bound to be something for everyone.
Borg is a powerful ally in both industries thanks to the ability to accurately display information such as humidity and internal temperature in real-time. The proximity alert function turns the LED Light on or off depending on the range of the smartphone from the light. Imagine your LED Light turning on as you approach your vehicle or building. The potential of Borg Technology is unlimited with software updates and enhancements easily downloadable.

Warranty : Extended


Take control of your Vision X Prime Drive Lights via bluetooth connection
Monitor humidity, temperature, voltage, and other valuable data
Remotely set strobing and power levels via mobile device
Currently available for Apple devices
Real Time Two-Way Data
Product Information
26" Borg Equipped Light Bar
  • Raw Lumens: 19008 lm
  • Effective Lumens: 13,320 lm
  • Wattage: 180
  • Amp Draw(@12V): 15.0A