1998-2008 2.5" Lower Lift Brackets

2.5″ Lower Lift Brackets

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*1/4″ Steel

*CNC Laser cut

*Camber adjustable

*All hardware included in the kit

*Parts are not Painted

*Build Time: 1 week


¼” Steel laser cut for precision. Lower lift brackets are manufactured for a high tire clearance. These allow 2.5 inches more of spring perch for a larger tire. This will give you a finished lift product of 2.5 inches.  

Factory Alignment

To maintain factory alignment specifications Camber offset are built into the steel brackets. – We recommend that you get an alignment after your install, as there may still be a human error factor when installing the camber bolts.  

Trailing Arm Spacers

We recommend installing trailing arm spacers. This keeps your tires centered in its factory location and prevents rubbing when installing larger tires.  

No Coating

These parts are shipped RAW, they are NOT powder coated. We do recommend painting them, to prevent rusting.  


All Metric Grade 10.9 Zinc Hardware is included in the kits!  


These kits are designed for Original Equipment Manufacture fitment. We cannot guarantee fitment on non OEM parts; strut mounts, struts, exhaust etc.  Recommend contacting us for fitment verification. This product is not for everyone* it is much more difficult to install and requires modification to the lower portion of the strut. Please note that a majority of our kits are build to order and may take 2-3weeks to manufacture.To fit these brackets properly 20-30mm wheels spacers to will be needed for proper fitment.