1998-2002 Forester 4" Lift Kit

1998-2002 Forester 4" Lift Kit

1998-2002 Forester 4" Lift Kit


3/16″ Steel Strut lift Spacers

CNC Laser Cut & Mig welded

*This kit does not come coated (RAW material)*

*Camber & Caster Offsets

*All hardware included in the kit 


Build Time: Built to Order 4+ Weeks 



These Lift Kit provide 2″ of additional clearance and 4″ of body clearance when installed. Camber and caster offsets are in place to maintain factory camber and an improved positive caster angle.  These spacers are compiled of 3/16″ steel plates and 1/4″ steel tube for extreme strength and reliability. All hardware is included in the kits! If your looking for maximum clearance to make your Subaru more capable off road this is the product for you!

Our Subframe spacers are built from 1/4″ tube steel, better to over build than under!

For the pesky sagging in the rear we offer a range of additions we build into our spacers

We also can built to order! And you can mix and matched for the perfect fit for your vehical!

All of our parts are designs are manufactured proudly here in the USA!

-What comes with the kit?:

4  Strut spacers

2  Trailing arm spacers

2″ Sub frame spacer

New mounting hardware

Steering shaft extension
New ADF Pitch stopper

ADF Stickers!

-Product Requirements:

-Even though our kits come with camber and caster offsets we still recommend that you get an alignment. As there is still a human error factor when you are re installing the camber bolts.