Toyota 8" Front Axle (1979-1985)

Toyota 8" Front Axle (1979-1985)

Part Number: OPR2137


Add Armor:

  • NO
  • ADD WELDED ARMOR (+$160.00)
Add shock bracket in factory location:
  • Yes
  • No (-$15.00)

Pinion Angle:
  • Factory Angle

Caster Angle:
  • Factory Angle

Axle housing production is currently on hold. We are using this time to prepare for expansion, programing new machinery, and training of new processes. We expect housings to be back in production by the beginning of July. Thank you for your understanding!

Here it is! Ruffstuff Toyota Hilux 8" front axle housing that fits years 1979-1985. This set up uses your factory axle shafts from your stock axle. The price includes everything in the photo except the knuckle balls, all you need to do is ship us yours and we will weld them on. (Please read info below before you cut your old knuckle balls off and send them to us.) We also include the U-bolts, spring plates, and 4 5/8" grade 8 bolts for the diff side. This housing is Grade A beef! If you choose not to have the shock brackets installed in the stock location and you require something custom please review our shock mounting section HERE.

Like every axle housing we make, our Toyota 8” housing comes with the following features:


  • A 3/8” thick faceplate machined flat and drilled for third member hardware AFTER welding to ensure a perfectly flat mounting surface and exact mounting hole location. 
  • An almost round ¼” bend plate outer shell. We say “almost” round because each of the shell pieces is made of 14 individual bends rather than being stamped round (which is the cheap and easy way.) We could do it the other cheap and easy way by only using a few bends but we don’t do that either! Instead, we do it the best way: the bends reinforce each other and add rigidity that you do not get from a round housing while the large number of bends hugs the ring gear as tight as possible making our center sections some of the lowest profile in the industry
  • 3.5” x 3/8” wall structural DOM tubes which offer the perfect balance between strength,toughness, weight, and ground clearance. You won’t be denting or wearing through these axle tubes! The tube keys in to the faceplate and has gusseting within the center section so it is completely supported on all sides.
  • ¼” thick internal gusseting tying every housing component together for maximum strength and EVERY piece of the housing is welded to at least three other components!
  • Oversized 1.25” fill/inspection plug so you can check oil level and the condition of your ring gear without dropping the third member. The plug has a knurled finish for quick and tool-less removal as well as an o-ring seal to prevent oil from leaking out or dust and water from leaking
  • Top-notch USA craftsmanship by our team of highly-skilled professional fabricators. Every housing is completely hand built, welded, and machined in-house. No robots, no imports, no gimmicks!!



  • If you have Toyota front IFS hubs it will add 1 1/2" per side (3" total) on your wheel mount surface and you can still use your stock axle shafts.
  • This housing has a larger tube diameter than factory and our 1/4" thick spring perch adds height to the spring mounting height. Using this axle it will add a 1/2" of lift over your factory axle.
  • Toyota E-locker 3rd members will not work with this housing due to the limited space on the faceplate. It will interfier with the passenger side leaf spring.

1. When cutting the Knuckle Ball from the donor axle housing we will need approximately 3 inch of the original axle tube from your donor axle housing. The 3 inch measurement can be simply taken by measuring 3”from the original factory Knuckle Ball weld toward the center of the donor housing.
2. Be sure the 3 inch portion attached to the Knuckle ball from the donor axle is clear of all OEM brackets. 
3. Inspect Knuckle Ball axle seal surface to make sure this is in good condition. We cannot machine the Balls if this surface is damaged.
4. Knuckle balls must be free of ALL GREASE AND GRIME. We are a machine shop and do not have means to clean up dirty grease parts. 
There will be an addition hourly labor charge of $100.00 per hour if you do not follow these procedure listed above. Please call with question to assure the proper clean up and cutting of your Knuckle Ball.
If you have any questions or would like a quote please call or email the sales office and they will be happy to help.


Toyota 8" straight axle years/models that this axle will work with:

Toyota Hilux 4x4: 1979-1985

Toyota Pickup 4x4 1979-1985

Toyota 4runner 4x4 1984-1985