Tie Rod Offset, ES23434 TRE

Tie Rod Offset, ES23434 TRE

Tie Rod Offset, ES23434 TRE

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NOTE: Tube adapters not included

Driver Side = Left Hand Thread 
Passenger Side = Right Hand Thread 

Here is the answer to the challenge of using an oversize Tie Rod without any conflict with the Diff Cover. 

These Tie Rod Ends (TRE's) are offset by 1 inch, so you can move to an oversize tie rod without hitting the cover at full lock. They are also stronger being a GM 1 ton TRE. You will have to enlarge the taper but then you can easily add strength to the Tie Rod. 

These are sold as Lefts & Rights and we also sell them as a complete kit with 1 1/2" X .25" wall DOM tubing. You should not match these to other TREs that are not offset so get a pair. The Taper is .749"-.748", if you are replacing a smaller TRE you will want to ream the taper to .75".

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