Powerful 10-watt LEDs

Tucked away inside the Vision X Reflex are top-binned 10-watt LEDs that are driven to maximum efficiency for just over 800 lumens per LED. Attached to each LED are 88% optically pure acrylic lenses that help you get the most distance and depth out of your light bar.

Patented Mounting

Every Vision X LED Light Bar has a patent on the mounting system. “Feet” are attached to the base of the bar and can be vertically altered by 15°, giving you even more customization and control. The isolated rubber mounts also help battle vibration, ultimately increasing the lifespan of your bar.

Submersible In Water

All Vision X LED bars come with an Ingress Protection rating of 68. The Reflex is no different. Fully capable of operating submerged under water, you can rest assured that your light bar can withstand the elements and be around for years to come.

Warranty : Extended


Type : 10-Watt

5″-51″ Single-Row 10W LED Light Bar
Shallow Mounting Depth
Lightweight & Durable Design
88% Optically Pure


Product Information

 Length / Beam Pattern

34" / 15°
Raw Lumens: 14,400 lm
Effective Lumens: 8,640 lm
Wattage: 180
Amp Draw(@12V): 15A