RacksBrax HD Awning Adaptor Bars (80-105MM)

RacksBrax HD Awning Adaptor Bars (80-105MM) (8175)


Does the RacksBrax HD Hitch not fit the track spacing of your awning? These adaptor bars allow you to adapt the standard 40-53mm track spacing to larger 80-105mm as found on most 270-degree awnings. Please check with your awning manufacturer for exact spacing.

The RacksBrax HD Awning Adaptor Bars – (DOUBLE) 8175 if you have 2 brackets or (TRIPLE) 8176 if you have 3 brackets – allow you to fit these awnings to the RacksBrax HD Hitch (8159) to add or remove these awnings from your vehicle in under 10 seconds.

The Adaptor Bars specifically fit the Rhino-Rack® Batwing® and Oztent® Foxwing® awnings and are supplied with stainless steel M8 T-bolt fasteners.

These bars ALSO suit pull-out, 180 degree and wing-style awnings with spine centre spacings between 80mm and 105mm. You will need a DOUBLE or a TRIPLE version depending on the awning manufacturer’s recommendation.

The RacksBrax HD Wall Mount (sold separately) allows easy storage for your awning on your garage wall when not in use.