Model 10000MDP-CS Ready Welder II

Model 10000MDP-CS Ready Welder II

Model 10000MDP-CS Ready Welder II

Item # 5130-01-522-1379: Ready Welder II Military Deluxe Pak With Storm Case



- ReadyWelder II™ high-impact MIG gun
- 15 ft of Cold Switch-enabled power cable with quick disconnects (can be extended to 100 ft)
- 2 1-pound spools of aluminum 5356
- Contact tip of each size: 0.023”, 0.030”, 0.035”, & 0.040”
- 25 extra 0.035” & 0.040” contact tips
- 2 1-pound spools of flux-cored wire 0.035”
- Gas hose coupling adaptor to fit your gas regulator
- 500-amp ground clamp
- 2 battery clamps
- 50 extra feet of gas hose
- 2 20-ft power extensions
- Extra circuit board
- Customized NATO slave plug
- Waterproof, heavy-duty ReadyWelder carrying case
- AC/DC power converter for operating the RW unit with constant current (CC) stick welding machines
- 2-ft series cable – for converting two 12V batteries to 24V
The ReadyWelder Model #10000MDP-CS was designed to serve the U.S. Military as well as militaries worldwide. The integrated NATO slave plug, along with the essential gear needed for a longer tethered weld and critical replacement parts, give the RW model #10000MDP-CS configuration unmatched strength.

Product Information Chart

Not sure which Ready Welder model is right for you?
• Use the chart below to find the Ready Welder model that best suits your needs.

RW Model Number Connects to Batteries Connects to CV MIG Machines Connects to CC ARC/ Stick Machines Has Extended 20′ Leads Integrated Ground Clamp Features “Cold Start” Safety
10000 Yes No No No Yes No
10000ADP Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
10250 Yes (1) Yes Yes Yes No No
10000-CS Yes No No No Yes Yes
10000ADP-CS Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
10250-CS Yes (1) Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Note: (1) – 10250 Models Require Additional Cables and a Ground Clamp In Order to Connect To Battery Power