Kingpin Dana 60 Complete Crossover Kit (Springless)

Kingpin Dana 60 Complete Crossover Kit (Springless)

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This is your not so basic steering setup that mocks the factory setup with easier adjustment & much stronger tubing. This kit is can be used with your factory tie rod,turning your steering into a crossover steering kit. The taper it is the standard GM 1 ton. 

The adjustment is easier because we add Hex Head TRE weld bungs so a cresent wrench is your adjustment tool, not a pipe wrench which will scar the tube and if too deep cause a major stress riser. Not to mention what it does to the paint... 

These are stronger than stock because we use 1.5" X .25" Wall DOM tubing and the TRE's are much more beefy than stock.

You will receive:

We supply more DOM than you need because it is way too easy to make a mistake in your calculations and you can always cut tube, growing it back is the hard part!


Additional Products you may need to install this kit:

Dana 60 spring eliminator cap. 

Click HERE for tapered knuckle inserts. (Standard GM taper)

Click HERE for high angle tapered knuckle inserts (For high angle taper)

Click HERE for 90 degree steering stabilizer bracket

Click HERE for flat mount steering stabilizer bracket