JK Wrangler Currectlync® Steering System (w/ Flipped Drag Link)

JK-9704P - JK Wrangler Currectlync® Steering System (w/ Flipped Drag Link)

Currectlync® heavy-duty tie rod and flipped drag link kit for all 2007-2018 Jeep® JK Wrangler models. Provides the increased strength and durability required to survive large tires and heavy off-road use
The RockJock® Currectlync steering system for the Jeep JK Wrangler features a 1.5 inch diameter tie rod, 1.3 inch diameter solid forged drag link, larger forged tie rod ends and premium jam nuts & adjuster. This kit features our flipped drag link and requires you to drill the drag link end taper out in your passenger side knuckle to allow the new RockJock® tapered sleeve to be installed from the top. After the sleeve is installed, the rest of the system is completely bolt on and includes a heavy duty steering stabilizer shock mounting kit. See attached photos of the RockJock® Currectlync steering compared to the stock JK components! NOTE: This is also the unit that would be used at a bolt-on kit for all right hand drive vehicles.