Group 51 Optima Battery Mount

  • $49.99

Group 51 Optima Battery Mount


Our 51 series Optima Battery mount will deliver the best quality and most durability for your application. 

Features include:
  • One piece design, carefully engineered for lighter weight and added strength. Battery fits snug, eliminating movement that causes premature wear and shorter life.
  • "Window" to easily view battery specs.
  • CNC Cut from 10GA. (.130) Cold Roll steel plate
  • Includes self-clinching (PEM) nuts pressed onto the mount
  • Finish: Bare Steel
  • Six 1/4" bolts w/ nylock nuts included for securing battery
  • Mounting: 4 - 1/4" countersunk holes in bottom or direct weld
  • **Lifetime No-Hassle replacement! 
Outside dimensions of mount: D 6 1/2" x W 9 3/8" x H 8 1/2" (Height does not include terminal posts on battery). 

Weight: 5lbs. 4oz. (Steel)

Don't mess around with a mount that doesn't come close to the quality, and durability of our 51 series Optima Battery mount! Available in many other configurations including "flat back" for those tight installs, it's no wonder we have never had an unsatisfied customer. Order TODAY and enjoy years of rock solid performance for your investment. 

**Mount must be installed correctly, and used for it's intended purpose for warranty to be honored, original purchaser only. 

Also, check out the hardware for mounting your new X Series Optima Battery Mount! 
Step 1 :  Inspect and open package, Verify all contents are accounted for.
Step 2:  Test fit battery(s) into battery mount to verify the battery fits.
Step 3: Remove battery(s) from battery mount .
Step 4: Place battery mount where you plan on mounting it 
Step 5: Mark bolt holes where battery mount will bolt to vehicle or where it will be direct welded 
Step 6: Remove battery mount
Step 7:  Move/Protect any vital components that could be damaged from drilling or welding example : brake lines, hoses, wiring harnesses  etc.   
Step 8: Drill previously marked areas, Or Prep Area for welding by removing any paint, powder coat , or oils so surface is raw
Step 9:   Paint areas where you drilled to prevent rust
Step 10:  Paint or powder coat Battery Mount prevent rust this is a raw steel item  Only Perform this step if you are mounting via drilling method.  If  you are going to mount via welding skip this step for now we will come back to it later.  
Step 11:  Install battery mount into vehicle If directly welding  mount into vehicle weld it in 
Step 12:  See Step 10 if you welded mount to vehicle  Proceed to next step if mounted via Drilling method 
Step 13:  Install battery(s) into Battery mount
Step 14:  Take pictures, Show off how awesome your rig is now to your buddies !
*Note*  There will be a small gap between battery mount lid and tray when battery mount lid is securely installed into place.

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