Ford Dana 60 Rear Disc Brake Brackets, 77-84

Ford Dana 60 Rear Disc Brake Brackets, 77-84

Part Number: OPFORD60NEW
Requires single steel wheel 15" with a maximum 4" back spacing

Like I said, they are different! The early full float D60 ford axles used different brakes and axle flanges therefore they need a different disc brake setup for the newer ones. These are for the years 77-84 but may work on some newer model D60's. We have noticed the flange diameter is different on certain models that does not allow the bracket to fit over (Brackets radiused for 3 15/16"). Double check your 4 bolt flange pattern as we have seen some old runs used on the newer Ford. If the bolt spacing is same horizontally as it is vertically then you want the 76 and older kit

They are just like all of our Disc Brake Brackets in that they are 3/8" thick! They use the 73-87 Chevy 3/4 Ton 4x4 Front Rotors & Calipers but you may have to remove 1/10" of the inside diameter of the throat of the rotor. It was the best choice of Rotor and any brake shop should be able to do it for $20.

*NOTE* Double check your wheel stud diameter and length. The rotors recommended for this kit are for a 5/8" knurled diameter stud so you will need to drill the rotors if your studs are larger or try Dormin wheel stud #610-180 which has a 5/8" knurled diameter for the rotor/hub and a 9/16 diameter lug nut. Be sure you have a minimum of 5/8" lug nut thread engagement when torquing wheels 

NAPA Part numbers for '73-'87 3/4 Ton Front, 4x4, Chevy Calipers and Rotors: 

Caliper ONLY: LH - N4674, RH - N4673 - Both of these are LATER year part numbers 


LH - N4597, RH - N4596 - Both of these are EARLIER year part numbers 

Rotor Only - 4885677 - all years