Ford 9" Weld On Disc Brake Bracket, 3.0" Tubes

Ford 9" Weld On Disc Brake Bracket, 3.0" Tubes

Part Number: OP9WELD30

These can be used on 2.75"-3" diameter axle tubes and are made for the 11.75" diameter Bronco 5 on 5.5" rotors and the inexpensive '73-87 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 front caliper. You can use any of the 20 or so high performance calipers that share the 7.05" caliper pin spacing also but the Chevy seems more than good enough for nearly everyone. 

These are 3/8" thick. These are made for mounting on the back side of the wheel hub/ flange but some applications can be turned down for a slip over rotor  

Sold in pairs

Requires steel wheel 15" with a maximum 4" back spacing

NAPA Part numbers for Front 4x4 Chevy Calipers and Bronco Rotors: 

Caliper ONLY: LH - N4674, RH - N4673 - Both of these are LATER year part numbers 


LH - N4597, RH - N4596 - Both of these are EARLIER year part numbers 

Ford 9" Rotor - NB 4885611 Premium Rotor 

UP 85611 Ultra Premium