Dana 70 Disc Brake Brackets (Chevy Dually)

Dana 70 Disc Brake Brackets (Chevy Dually)

Part Number: OPD70DISC-CHE

Running a larger rim size is necessary with dually wheels, I have been told some 17" wheels will clear the caliper or converting to standard single steel wheel 15" with a minimum 4" back spacing

This is the bracket for your Chevy D70 C and C axle. I developed these after the success of our 14 Bolt brackets and seeing what was available on the market and the problems associated with the others. The D70 was used by all of the Big 3 automakers and they all had different uses and designs specifically for them. These are for a Chevy D70 Dually only. These are for Dual Rear Wheel (DRW) axles not Single Rear Wheel (SRW) axles. Both the Dodge and Ford have different flanges and tube diameters. We have actually identified 4 different flanges in use and 3 tube diameters. How can 1 size fit all? So Please, don't buy the 1 size fits all available out there, you may get lucky and have it work but the odds are against you.....These also use the 73-87 Chevy 3/4 Ton Front Rotors and Calipers. They will need the rotor throat opened ~3/16". 

NAPA Part numbers for '73-'87 3/4 Ton Front, 4x4, Chevy Calipers and Rotors: 

Caliper ONLY: LH - N4674, RH - N4673 - Both of these are LATER year part numbers 


LH - N4597, RH - N4596 - Both of these are EARLIER year part numbers 

Rotor Only - 4885677 - all years