Dana 60 Complete Y-Link High Steer Kit (Springless)

Dana 60 Complete Y-Link High Steer Kit (Springless)

Part Number: OPR2142

Kit Includes:

First off let me tell you why you want a Y Link style steering kit. 

Because the ability to plug and play into nearly any front end make it an overwhelming choice when rebuilding the steering, or swapping and/or moving an axle forward. On top of those reasons it makes the alignment of the Drag Link and Track Bar in both length and angle much easier. They are very simple to set up and ideal for many rigs that seem impossible to fit up a standard steering system. Together, all these reasons make them very difficult to pass up! 

All of our steering kits are made of the best and strongest materials available. We use only 1.5" x .25" DOM Tubing with Hex Head bungs for adjustability. Our TRE's are all from the best forgings with metal on metal bearing surfaces and the correct Ackerman angle machined on our Hi Steer arms cannot be ignored. All of our Hi Steer arms also come with 2 holes so they can easily be used with Hydraulic or Hydraulic assist steering rams. All Hi Steer arms are also drilled for Reid Knuckles, if you have standard knuckles simply ignore the last hole. 

This is a do it yourself style kit that requires welding by a competent person with the right equipment, don't skimp, do it right! You will need to check clearances with the steering wheel at lock to see if you need to add any bends before you cut it down to clear diff covers, sway bar mounts, etc



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