Rear Traction Rod Nissan 370z 09-18

  • $2,000.00

Agency Power Rear Traction Rod Nissan 370z 09-18

Those who seek the most from their car know that in the rigors of competition you need to extract every ounce of performance from your machine. You need the capability to have every degree of adjustment above and beyond that of a street driven vehicle. You need the strength to withstand the stresses and strains of hard corners, a rough course and brutal weight transfer and chassis flex. Constructed of high-strength steel alloys that offer durability, strength and yet remain light-weight. These rear traction rods available for the 370Z chassis are an excellent upgrade. With it s adjustability you are able to carefully tune the vehicle s rear suspension to your specifications. The pillow ball ends replace the stock rubber bushings on the chassis and offers you a more direct and predictable feel that you require in competition. The adjustability and feel is also backed with the comfort that your stock thin tension rods are now replaced with thick steel constructed arms that can withstand the stresses of competition. These Traction rods also allow for fine-tuned adjustments to the rear suspension geometry. By changing the length of the traction rod you change the position and pitch of which the suspension rotates upon and you change the amount of “Anti-Squat” of the rear. Although the adjustment is minimal, it can change the behavior or the vehicle during weight transfer. Traction rods determine caster (or thrust angle) on the rear suspension. As with the front, this helps determine the camber curve of the rear suspension.


  • Adjustable lengths to tune Rear Suspension and Reduce Bump-Steer.
  • Pillow ball bearing replaces OEM rubber bushing.
  • Durable Steel construction to withstand high-stresses of competition.
  • Powder coated finish for years of performance.


  • Nissan 370z Z34 2009-2018


  • On an aggressively lowered car, these should be lengthened (to about 8.5in) for a less aggressive toe curve and less bumpsteer.

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