Adjustable Buggy Link Tabs (Lower)

Adjustable Buggy Link Tabs (Lower)

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  • 5/8" bolt holes
  • For 1.75" cross member
  • 20 Degree angle

These are a new takeoff from an old idea. The idea is how to make an infinately adjustable link set for a Tube Chassis. Well, they are not completely correct as in "Infinately Adjustable" because after they are welded in place some of it has to stop but using these allows for 3 different height adjustments for when you change things, say from 37's to 42's without having to completely remount new links for an optimum setup. 

These have elliptical holes set at 20 degrees, with only minor changes you can set the angle from 10 to about 35 degrees . They come in a set of 4, 2 inner tabs and 2 outer tabs, they are 3/8" thick but I would bridge them also for additional strength. This set says lower but they would be fine for upper links too.