Superseded By 6.7″ HID Xtreme Performance

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HID-6550 400302  ->
HID-6500 4002821 ->  —  —
HID-6552 4003033 -> HID-6552XP 4000483
HID-6502 4003002 ->  —  —



35-50 Watt HID

The 35-50 Watt HID Series features a 35-50 Watt Ballast giving you 3,500-5,000 Lumens of Raw Light. The 35-50 Watt Series has a start up amp draw of 4.8-6.85 Amps and running amp draw of 2.92-4.17 amps, much lower than the 8.3 Amps of a standard halogen light.

Internal Ballast & Starter

The ballast takes the standard 12v input power and increases this to the 12,000V the bulb operates at and the starter is used to ignite the bulb. Vision X uses all internal components for an all-in-one package.

Universal Mounting

Single stud mounting provides easy, single bolt mounting. The HID Series comes with nylock nutes to ensure vibration does not cause loosening over time. Along with knurled aiming knobs create an easily adjustable mounting system with 15° of adjustability for aiming the light beam to fit the desired application.

Warranty : Extended


Black Street Legal Cover Included
Internal Ballast and Starter
Knurled Aiming Knobs