2009-2013 Forester 2" Strut Spacers W/ Multi Link Spacers

2009-2013 Forester 2" Strut Spacers W/ Multi Link Spacers

2009-2013 Forester 2" Strut Spacers W/ Multi Link Spacers

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*3/16″ Steel Strut lift Spacers and MIG welded

*1/4″ steel formed Multi Link Spacers and TIG welded

*Powder Coated

*All hardware included in the kit

*2-3 Week build time


For extreme strength and reliability, we use 3/16” steel plates with ¼” solid center steel tube.

Front spacers are MIG welded with six 4” welds.

Rear spacers are MIG welded four times with 5” welds.

Multi link spacers are 1/4″ steel formed and TIG welded to make a 5 sided box.  Mounting is a 2 piece bolt design, (not one long bolt like other companies). Upper portion of the spacer is mounted to the chassi, lower portion of the spacer is mounted to the subframe.


Factory Alignment

To maintain factory alignment specifications Camber and improved Caster offsets are built into the steel spacers.

– We recommend that you get an alignment after your install, as there may still be a human error factor when installing the camber bolts.


Multi-Link Spacers

We recommend installing multi-link spacers. This keeps your tires centered in its factory location and prevents rubbing when installing larger tires.


Powder Coating

We also professionally powder coat all of our products to prevent corrosion and to insure the highest quality of products on the market.



Brake line brackets are included in the kit to help relieve the tension in the brake line, after the install.



All Metric Grade 10.9 Zinc Hardware is included in the kits!


Rear height additions

We also offer a few different heights of Rear spacers to compensate for added load in the vehicle or level vehicles out, if they currently aren’t sitting level.  Added height is built in one solid spacer, no stacking of different spacers.

Adding 3/8” compensates for mild loads/weight, + ½” more for excessive loads/weight.



These kits are designed for Original Equipment Manufacture fitment. We cannot guarantee fitment on non OEM parts; strut mounts, struts, exhaust etc.  Recommend contacting us for fitment verification.

Please note that a majority of our kits are build to order and may take 2-3weeks to manufacture.