14 Bolt Truss Kit

14 Bolt Truss Kit

Part Number: OP14TTRUSS

Ok already! Yes we took our time in making these but it was worth the wait! 

We don't copy other companies products and when another company made a better truss we stood back and watched and learned, what did we learn? We decided they had a pretty good idea but we found ways to do it better, for less... 

First off, we did not create an Ibeam, while strong it is welded to only one side of the axle. I have seen way too many warped axle housings simply because of that. When you apply a ton of heat to one side without doing the same to the other side what do you guess the odds are that you just warped that axle housing? 

Ours are like all of our trusses for our Custom Axle Housings where the weld points are opposed 180 degrees so when welding you are heating both sides of the tubes evenly and minimizing warp! Thats right, we create a Torsion Box rather than an Ibeam. Just another way to add heaps of strength while minimizing weight. 

Another thing we do is make the Pinion Truss Bridge part of the package. I do not want to encourage you to weld the housing to the casting only to watch it crack off later, or even worse and warp or crack the casting. The Pinion Support is also made with oval holes so you can run it with or without a Pinion Guard ;) 

You have a ton of options like adding a Diff Cover or Pinion Guard or Disc Brake Brackets at discounted prices. Or multiple link options from our Horizontal 4 Link brackets to the simple and inexpensive choices like our link tabs... The price has been reduced from $210 to $195 for the Truss and Pinion Support, keep the pinion support in mind because you pay extra for it from other companies...

NOTE: A 14 bolt axle with unequal tube lengths (typically found in GM Vans and 1988 and newer 14 bolts) have a slightly offset differential and will not cover the axle tubes all the way to the flanges but does still fit on the axle.