14 Bolt Pinion Truss Bridge

14 Bolt Pinion Truss Bridge

Part Number: OP14BPTB

This is an easy decision. The welds on the 14 Bolt tubes have been known to fail when you have high HP so this bridges the strength gap. 

This comes as part of our 14 Bolt Truss Kit but it is very easily adaptable to any truss made by a shop or a home Fabricator. It has enlongated holes so it can be used with any companies Pinion Guard, our Pinion Guard, or with no pinion guard. 

The Bridge has 2 weld in Gussets to eliminate any flexibility. 

The Pinion Guard Adapter comes with bolts for the Truss end but not for the Pinion end. We do not add them because GM used 2 different threads over the years and also not every Pinion Guard has the same thickness base plate.