14 Bolt Disc Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets (C&C Axle)

14 Bolt Disc Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets (C&C Axle)

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Part Number: 14BCNC
Running a larger rim size is necessary with dually wheels, I have been told some 17" wheels will clear the caliper or converting to standard single steel wheel 15" with a minimum 4" back spacing

Here is the bracket so many of you asked us to make, it works on the Cab & Chassis 14 Bolt Axle ('73-87). This bracket uses the '75 Chevy 3/4 Ton Front rotors and calipers just like the rest of the 14 Bolt Disc Brake brackets we make, it simply has the different offset required to run on a Cab & Chassis Axle. These make the 14 bolt Disk Brake Conversion easy! They are sold in pairs and made of 3/8" plate. They are bent and do not require spacers like the ones other companies make. 

After '99 all bets are off, the newer model 14 Bolt axles have a variety of patterns & offsets, use a weld on bracket for a newer 14 Bolt axle. 

*NOTE* If longer studs are needed, usually dually studs are long enough or Dormin #610-301. Double check stud diameter, the rotors recommended for these brackets require a stud with 5/8" knurled diameter with 9/16" lug diameter or they will need to be drilled for larger diameter studs. Be sure to have minimum 5/8" lug nut thread engagement

NAPA Part numbers for '73-'87 3/4 Ton Front, 4x4, Chevy Calipers and Rotors: 

Caliper ONLY: LH - N4674, RH - N4673 - Both of these are LATER year part numbers 


LH - N4597, RH - N4596 - Both of these are EARLIER year part numbers 

Rotor Only - 4885677 - all years